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Surge Protection

What Are Power Surges?

Power or voltage surges are brief bursts of energy caused by a sudden change in the electrical conditions of a circuit.  Have you ever seen your lights flicker or dim briefly when your air conditioner turns on or lightning strikes nearby?  That’s a power surge.


Where Do Surges Come From?

80% of all surges come from within the home.  Surges can be generated from your air conditioning, pool pump or washing machine turning on.  Wherever electrical or electronic equipment is used, power surges will occur.


The other 20% come from outside the home through the power lines, cable TV or telephone lines and are referred to as transient line surges.


The resulting damage from power surges can range from loss of expensive electronic equipment to structure fires that destroy an entire house.

The Typical Solution

Most companies install a whole house surge protector at the main power feed into the home.  The problem with this type of protection as you saw above is that it only covers 20% of the surges.  Plus it only protects against “line” surges from the power lines.  It does not protect you from surges that may enter your home through the Cable TV/Internet or Phone lines, or from surges that are generated from within the home.

Our Solution

Home Surge Protection


Power Strip

We offer a two-stage Whole House Surge Protection System.  With our two-stage protection, you can relax knowing your family, home and sensitive electronic equipment are protected. 


We start with stage one by installing a high-end commercial Surge Protector at your main electrical panel.  This will protect the whole house from harmful surges that may cause fires, but at this stage it will not fully protect your electronics.  Our second stage of protection is point-of-use protection.  We install a high-end surge protected power strip to your entertainment center and computer center.  This will eat up any remaining high voltage left over from the Whole House Surge Protector.  This commercial grade surge strip will also protect your equipment from Cable TV/Internet and phone line surges.

Certified Electrical

A.L.S. Security Solutions is an Eaton Certified Electrical Contractor

Your Life Protected
Mike Holmes from HGTV explains surge protection
Holmes on Eaton Surge Protection by A.L.S. Security Solutions


Eaton Whole House Surge Protector

Eaton is the leader in the industry, carrying a $75,000.00 reimbursement warranty for whole house surge protection.

  • Mike Holmes Approved
  • Affordable Protection
  • Stops transient surges from utility lines
  • UL1449 3rd Edition Listed
  • Installed by a Licensed Electrical Contractor


Pass & Seymour Point of Use Surge Strip

You can relax knowing your valuable electronics are safe with our second Stage Surge Protection.

  • 8 Protected outlets
  • UL1449 listed
  • Heavy-Duty 8' cord
  • Power and Coax Protection
  • Extremely long life with dependable protection

Florida License # EC13005363